Our Mission

resistance is brewing

'Our mission is to empower farmers with technology that can help them efficiently feed the world and leave their farm to the next generation in a better state than they found it' - Dr Nick Berry

Sipping a cold beer while barbecuing with friends, you likely don't ponder the origins of the grains in your brew. Just as your garden has weeds, so do the vast paddocks of crops. For decades, farmers have trusted herbicides (chemicals) to combat these intruders. Yet now, these weeds are growing resilient to the chemicals and jeopardising the crops. And what's the implication for you? Without crops, you can say goodbye to your beer... and cereals, cookies, pancakes, and so much more!

In 2010, Dr. Nick Berry introduced the Seed Terminator, an innovative addition to the combine harvester that destroys seeds, preventing them from turning into weeds. This means farmers don't have to rely solely on herbicides. They can now decrease their herbicide usage, guard against herbicide resistance, and effectively manage weeds at harvest.

Farmers are eagerly implementing this new way of controlling weeds so they can keep sustainably farming for generations to come. Now we're wanting to advance our cause with a louder voice. We want everyone to connect to where their food comes from and participate in the change, because when we back our farmers, the world never goes hungry.

We’re tired of the industry’s over-dependence on chemical giants. To those who aren’t afraid to do things differently and give a sh*t about making an impact; you are one of us. We want to have a beer with you and put a stop to the runaway train of herbicide resistance. Beer depends on it – and everything else in the fridge for that matter.